1991 Honda Prelude

Engine Cooling problem
1991 Honda Prelude 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

Okay, so when I bought the vehicle I was told that the fan was unplugged because if left plugged in the fan would continue to run after the car was shut off and thus drain the battery. So, I was just curious where I can find the sensor/relay or whatever so I can replace it. And where is that plug so I can plug it in and test it.

Thanks for the help
July 18, 2008.

Hi xxnerdzillaxx,

Check if the relay is ok.

There are two location for the controlling thermo switch for fan when engine is not running.

1. On the housing where the upper radiator hose is connected.

2. On head just below the distributor.

It is a 2 wire switch. Check if there is enough coolant in the system.

Ensure thermoswitch is of correct rating. It has a different rating from the normal fan switch, should have a black colored plastic body.

Jul 20, 2008.