1996 Honda Passport

Electrical problem
1996 Honda Passport 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 170000 miles

I have removed the blower from the vehicle and tested it under a seperate 12V supply, and the motor runs fine. At the two-pin supply wire, from the vehicle, that feeds the motor, the Blue/White wire reads 12V available to the motor. I connected a jumper wire to connect the Blue/White feed to the motor terminal. I then connected a jumper wire to connect the other motor terminal directly to the vehicle frame. The blower motor worked with the engine turned ON, but without the ability to control it with the switch. My assumption is that a ground is not getting through the two-pin supply wire. My question is " why" and where do I look.
March 30, 2010.

I had the same exact problem. I changed out the blower resistor located directly behind the glove box. Problem solved.
Hope that helps

Apr 11, 2010.
Thank you for your response! Had to send my son back to school in it before your reply. So.I'll get the part and replace it when its home in a few weeks. I do appreciate the info, eastwind. Thanks again !

Apr 12, 2010.