2005 Honda Odyssey

Engine Mechanical problem
2005 Honda Odyssey 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 124000 miles

I had the timing belt changed in a Honda shop. The engine now has bent valves on one bank. The shop maintains that the install was done correctly and that carbon buildup bent the valves. Is that possible? I have been told that the only way to bend valves was for cylinder to valve contact.
September 20, 2008.

Carbon didnt bend the valves. Those engines are built with a considerable amount of vavle clearance, there would have to be almost 1/16 of an inch of carbon. Sounds more like the engine was timed wrong or the tension wasnt set correctly on the belt and it jumped, then was retimed. Why didnt they bend before? The carbon was already there wasnt it? Dont back down. This is their bad and when valves hit, it damages the pistons, bearings possibly the connecting rods adn crank depending on how hard they hit. Also damages the cylinder head, sometimes beyond repair

Sep 20, 2008.