2009 Honda Fit

Electrical problem
2009 Honda Fit 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 6,000 miles

I plan to store my 2009 Honda Fit Sport in an unheated barn for the winter, to keep it out of winter road salt. Can I safely remove the battery to keep it warm and charged in my home? There is no electric power to the barn. I am concerned about messing up the car's computers by leaving them without power for about 5-6 months.

The reason for this question is a similar problem that happened with my '98 VW New Beetle Diesel. Loss of battery power resulted in a tow to the dealer to re-program the car's engine control computer.

Could this happen on my '09 Fit?

Thank You.
November 17, 2009.

Hi polecat73,

Thank you for the donation.

Yes, you can safely remove the battery to store the vehicle.

In the nineties some manufacturers started the idea that when removing the battery, the PCM would lose its programmed state and you would need to reprogram it to start the vehicle. I have no idea of the actual reason for the system, maybe to ensure vehicle owners gets back to the dealers or a theft prevention.

That was a failure and since then manufacturers has reverted to the normal procedure whereby no reprogramming is required but most engine control units are inteligient units and some relearning would be required whereby the vehicle has to be driven over some distance before it gets back to its optimum state.

So don't be surprised if the vehicle does not perform according to what it was before removal of the battery. Some driving later should get it back.

Nov 19, 2009.
Anytime you store a vehicle longer than 30 days, add a fuel stabilizer to fuel.

Sep 17, 2010.