2009 Honda Fit

Electrical problem
2009 Honda Fit 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 7200 miles

My car has an intermittent parasitic draw which drains the battery after I drive It a few hours and park it.
Honda cannot trace or find the problem.
They have replaced the battery.
Is this problem common, rare, or reported in my Honda or other makes? Do other vehicles share this problem?
Gary Felix
February 26, 2010.

Hi Gary Felix,

One of the most comon intermittent parasitic draw would ba a sticking fan relay.

Do you have instances of the cooling fans working when the engine is off?

Mar 3, 2010.
I do not have a stickey cooling fan on this fit.
We will check for this sticky relay switch.
Thanks Gary Felix

Gary Felix
Mar 3, 2010.
Sorry if I did not make myself clear.

Sticking means the relays operates normally and sometimes do not cut off causing the component it is supplying power to continue working.

It can be any relay such as cooling fans, head lights, blower etc.

Mar 4, 2010.