2005 Honda Element

Heater problem
2005 Honda Element 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 127000 miles

I just tried turninb my heater on yeaterday and got cold air. I just had the car 120k service the day before. No leaks noticed and the air does blow. I checked a/c off/ dialed to heat and cabin and defrost and nothing. Also bought a light bulb for the light by the shifter. How do I remove cover to replace bulb

Bob balchunas
August 29, 2009.

First thing I would check is the level of the coolant. Sometimes air gets purged out after a flush and it sets overnight, then requiring more anti-freeze. A low level can leave the heater core empty and not allow any heat to transfer through to the pass. Compartment.

I'll see what I can find on the shifter.