2003 Honda CRV

Transmission problem
2003 Honda CRV 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 56000 miles

Several weeks ago, the " D" transmission gear light on my dashboard began flashing. It flashed for less than five minutes, stopped flashing and hasn't flashed since.

I asked my mechanic about the flashing light and he said that I need a new third gear pressure switch ($340). Since the light flashed for such a short period and hasn't flashed since, do you think my car needs such a repair?

Thanks for you help.
November 28, 2009.

Yes, if you don't replace it the trans. Will not shift correctly. It's common on the CRVs the 3rd pressure switch fails.

I don't see any TSB's or Recalls on that 3rd gear pressure switch as a common failure on this vehicle.

Sometimes those idiots lites will come on for no apparent reason and give a person a heart attack thinking there's a major problem and its gonna be a big cost if its not flashing anymore don't worry about if and if you do go somewhere and have it rescanned again

Dec 7, 2009.
There's no TSB's or recallls, but I have done alot of those.