2000 Honda CRV

Transmission problem
2000 Honda CRV 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 155, 00 miles

Just recently we have noted that there is quite a lot more play in the clutch pedal than before. It seemed like it briefly returned to the usual amount of play, but is now excessive. About 50-60% of the available excursion of the pedal before it disengages the transmission when pushing the pedal in. There are no new noises, and the car still shifts easily, once the clutch is engaged. Does this sound like a problem with the linkage (could have slipped d/t age, cold weather)? Clutch fluid low? Possibly the whole clutch is on the way out?

Thanks in advance for any help.


tombohanon@hotmail. Com
January 9, 2010.

Hi tombohanon,

Do you mean the pedal has to be released more than usual for the transmission to engage?

Jan 11, 2010.
Hi again,

No, its not so much of a release problem as an engagement problem. Normally, I have to push the clutch pedal in about 25% of the way for the clutch to start to work and change gears (even though still pushing it all the way to the floor as one should), and now I have to push it about 60% of the way in before the transmission starts to disengage and I can shift.

Does that make sense? Sorry, but my mechanical skills and basic knowledge are pretty limited.

Thanks again for the help!

Jan 12, 2010.
The clutch pedal is now lower than prevuiously and possible causes are a faulty ckutch hydraulic system. Check the clutch fluid level and if low, check the master and slave cylinder for leakages.

Jan 12, 2010.