1998 Honda CRV

Engine Performance problem
1998 Honda CRV 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 81800 miles

a friend called me to check out this car for driveability problem such as car is loosing power to the point it is going to stall then will run few miles then eventually stalled. It wont start for about 15 minutes then it will then stall again. I went to his place and got my CP9180 actron portable scanner to retrieve any DTC. At first I was able to retrieve a P0420 code only. I told him he may have a restricted Cat. 1st Question: Can a bad/restricted CAT cause a car to stall? After 2 days I asked him to bring this car to me for further evaluation. He stalled thrice about the same 10-15 minute interval before it starts then run for about 6 miles then stall. When he finally arrived my place I was able to retrieved 3 codes: DTC : P0420, P0130, & P0131. 2nd Question: Can bad 02 sensors cause the car to do these said symptoms? I thought this may just be coincidence and probably a bad gas pump/system? Why wasn't there any code related to fuel system or any codes other than P0130, P0131 & P0420? Please help. I will need to change the CAT anyway so should I do that now? Thanks a lot!
April 29, 2008.

A plugged converter can be caused by one or more faulty oxygen sensors.
The oxygen sensors can give false readings to the computer resulting in the fuel mixture being over rich causing the converter to plug up.
We recommend changing the oxygen sensors whenever we change a converter especially with higher milage vehicles.

May 25, 2008.
Hi there,

rowtier has done a good job of explaining.

Personally I have experienced the problems mentioned and the o2 sensor do not show any fault codes. Only a dianostic scanner with reading sensor operations will show that the o2 sensor is not functioning properly when running the vehicle.

May 26, 2008.