Honda Civic

1996 Honda Civic EX Coupe, 1.6L SOHC V-Tec, and it has 225K miles on it.I've replaced a few problems with leaks i've been having with my heater hoses. But now, I still see my temp. Needle going up at times, and coming down when I give the car a bit more gas.I see no signs of leaks. Also, when I fixed my last problem, I made sure my antifreeze reservoir tank was at a max level, and I refilled my radiator. When I looked at everything yesterday to make sure my levels were good, it seems as though something is making antifreeze shoot into my reservoir tank for antifreeze.I need help ASAP plz, Thanxz!
May 3, 2007.

The pressure of the system exceeds the cap rated pressure and the antifreeze goes in to the overflow. That is not the problem, the problem is why the engine seems to overheat. Does the fan run? When was the thermostat replaced last?

Bruce Hunt
May 4, 2007.
I've seen bad water pump with coroded propeler. This happends if you use pure water instead of coolant.
Worse case head gasket is blowned.
When engine is cold open radiator cap. Place pan for collant under the front of the car, run the engine with open radiator cap. If you see air bubles when engine is cold, then head gasket is blown.
But sometimes you have to run engine until it gets hot and parts expands to create this problem.
Good luck.

May 11, 2007.