Honda Civic

Help I am replacing the motor into a 1993 civic. During the operation I attempted to remove the lower engine mounts bolts and with an impact gun. The bolts started to loose then the internal frame nut broke free and it happened to one bolt/nut on each side. I can cut the bolt off but how to you attach the new motor mount? It was suggested to me that I could drill an access hole in the top of the frame?
May 2, 2006.

Did you ever resolve this?

Bruce Hunt
May 9, 2006.
The repair; I cut off the old bolts with a cutoff tool and then I drilled a hole in the top of the frame only large enough for an Allen head cap screw and lock washer. Dropped the bolt into the frame and put the washer/nut on the bottom side of the frame.

I talked to a friend who had the same problem and he drill the hole large enough to fit a socket to accommodate the nut that was in the frame

May 11, 2006.