Honda Civic

2002 Honda Civic DX, Automatic, 41,000 miles.
When I first get into my car in the morning the gas peddle sticks. I have to push it with quite a bit of force and I hear a pop, then it is normal. I have just recently moved from the flat lands of south Florida to the rolling hills of northern Georgia, so I don't know if this has anything to do with it. The peddle doesn't stick any other time other than the first time I start it up in the morning. I have worked in an auto shop for 9 years and have never heard of this before. Do you know what the cause could be?
May 11, 2006.

My pedal was stuck at one time. I had to replace the cable which connects to the foot pedal (about $45, I think). It's an easy fix, about 15 minutes; that's after you get used to being in that area. However, I don't know if that's your problem.


May 11, 2006.
Replace the cable, the casing for the cable must have rust that hangs it up or it is frayed some place.

Bruce Hunt
May 12, 2006.