Honda Civic

1994 Honda Civic DX Hatchback 1.5 5 speed 230,000

I just replaced the CV axles for the second time. The passenger side CV axle popped out twice after only a few miles. When I pulled the CV axle back out, I noticed a 3/4" vertical cylinder just inside the transaxle where the CV axle is inserted. Is this cylinder there by design? Could it be pushing the CV axle out? The transmission appears to be operating fine.
Thanks in advance for any help.
July 8, 2007.

Make sure the snap ring is on the end of the axle. Ensure that the axle is fully seated into the transmission and all of the other connections are tight. Is it possible that you have the wrong axles? If the original ones that you took out did not pop out possibly due to excessive wear in the transmission, look to the hardware as the problem.

Bruce Hunt
Jul 8, 2007.
The snap ring is on the end of the axle. I seated the axle as far into the transmission as I was able. I purchased another axle after the first one popped out, so I'm pretty sure that I have the correct one. I also laid the replacement unit next to the one I removed to check it for length etc. If the ring recess in the transmission is worn, will I need to replace the transmission? What about the cylinder running just inside the cv axle opening. Is it supposed to be there?
Thanks again.

Jul 8, 2007.
Is the cylinder you talk about laying so you can see through it and is it splined? Yes and it should be there and sounds normal. No and something is broken.

Bruce Hunt
Jul 9, 2007.