Honda Civic

I drive a 1997 Honda Civic Dx with 135,000. During when I'm driving, I hear a squeaking sound from my alternater/belt when I step on the pedal. At a certain speed it stops squeaking. It seems to squeak or make noise at low end speeds. I've check my alternator belt and its not loose at all. Whats seems to be the problem? How can I fix this?
October 16, 2006.

Check again on the belt. That belt should be pretty tight. Now a word of caution to not overtighten it as it can do other damage. Two things to look at. First, ensure that it is aligned right and running on the pulleys correctly and fully and not off just a little bit. Secondly, inspect the belt itself to note if it is cracked and dried out. This can cause slippage and noise.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 17, 2006.
Also check pulley to see if it has become glaze. Belt will slip if it has

Mar 18, 2007.
Thanks Corley, you are right!

Bruce Hunt
Mar 19, 2007.