Honda Civic

How hard is it to swap out an alternator in a 1991 Honda Civic with A/C and 5 speed?
December 3, 2006.

Well, that depends on the ability of you, the tools you have and the luck you have with loosening things that probably don't want to be loosened. It isn't all that bad but I would suggest car ramps to raise the front as often the best and only way is to remove it from the bottom.

Bruce Hunt
Dec 3, 2006.
I have a 91 Civic with AC. The alternator is relatively easy to change out. First you need to remove the negative lead on the battery and move it so that it will not touch the terminal on the battery. Then jack the car up and put a jackstand under it to support the car(never get under a car that is not properly supported with jackstands!), Next you will need to loosen the top bolt above the Alternator(either a 10 or 11 mm), then loosen the bottom bolt(14 mm) you will need to remove the splash shields to gain access to the bottom bolt and to aid in removal, this will allow you to push the alternator towards the engine to remove the belt. After the belt is removed remove the electrical plug on the back of the alternator, then unbolt the battery wire from the back of the alternator. After you have the wiring disconnected you can remove the top bolt from the alternator. Then remove the bottom bolt and pull the alternator out. The installation is just reversing what you have already done. Good Luck.

Dec 4, 2006.