1990 Honda Civic

I am trying to replace an oil pump to a 1990 Honda Civic w/ a 1.5ci, 4sp
I removed the oil pan and found the p/u screen tube but could not see the oil pump.
Is this oil pump located further into the engine compartment? And is it something a wanna be mechanic like myself can replace?
November 27, 2006.

The oil pump is located on the side of the engine where the belts are located. It is under the timing cover and is replaced much the same as the water pump which is located above it.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 27, 2006.
What is wrong with your oil pump, reason for me asking was that I was having problems with my oil pump in my 91 civic 1.5L. I had good oil pressure at idle but as I wouild drive it and the oil would get hot the oil pressure would slowly start to drop to the point that the oil light would come on. I went to honda and bought an new oil pump relief valve and relief spring frpm honda for 12 dollars and installed them which corrected my problem. If your problem is a similar condition all that is needed is to pull the oil pan and exhaust pipe off so that you can gain access to the oil pump. Then remove the 8 mm allen head bolt and remove the spring and relief valve and insert the new one. Good luck an hope this info helps

Nov 30, 2006.