2001 Honda Civic

2001 Honda Civic 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 61280 miles

Dealer tells me I need to replace the timing belt now because of the age of my car and not the mileage. Is this true? Should it be changed now instead of at the 100,000 mile mark?
January 9, 2008.

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Most manufacturers will give a mileage or time frame to replace the timing belt. If your dealer has advised this is now due for your car, I would do it. These engine are interference engines, that is valves will strike pistons if the belt fails, the cost is horrendous to repair these engines, I would change the belt, it's call preventive maintenance.

Mark (mhpautos)

Jan 9, 2008.
I have to agree. I'm at around 82,500 miles right now - I plan on doing the timing belt and waterpump on my next yearly visit to the Honda dealer in August. It's preventative maintenance, and unfortunately, it's one of those things you just " don't know" it's going to go.

Nobody in my family has bothered to change their timing belts, and they didn't fail as long as they've owned the car. So, it's a peace-of-mind thing.

Jan 10, 2008.
Unfortunately I waited too long on one of my vehicles. The price of the repair was so high that it became one of the reasons why I went to school to be an auto technician. I TELL YA MY CHAIN SLIPPED AND BENT THE VALVES. UGLY SITUATION. THE ONLY THING I WOULD PROBABLY DO DIFFERENT THOUGH, IS : IF YOUR CAR IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY, I SUGGEST THAT YOU SHOP AROUND FOR LABOR PRICES, DEALERS ARE VERY EXPENSIVE

Jan 10, 2008.
My dealer here in NJ said it'd be 600 for just the labor and the new timing belt. More if I wanted to do the water pump.

Local shops near by seem to be around 100 bucks cheaper, for 100 bucks I'd personally rather have Honda do it. The local shops nearby seem to get a kick out of employing 16 year olds to work on peoples' cars.

Jan 10, 2008.
Well yeah, they don't have to pay them anything lol

Jan 11, 2008.