2001 Honda Civic

Computer problem
2001 Honda Civic 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 127563 miles

hi I had a problem in the the steerling rack so I changed it and put a 2nd hand rack the rack was working good but was not returning to center have to bring it manually try evrything even change it to another rack and the same problem. We check in the computer and the eps was not showing. Please help.
November 5, 2010.

What exactly do you mean by " it is not returning to center?&Quot; Please be more specific.

Nov 5, 2010.
2001 Civic does not have EPS system.

Its the first generation with eps. Thk for reply well like am telling you if you turn rig or left you have to bring it to the center so to go straight if not it will stay in the turning position. Same like a forklift. And I try everything even put on computer but nothing, and I think its the control units. Plz help! Very desperate.

Nov 10, 2010.
Was this problem the reason for replacement of the rack?

Have you tried adjusting the rack guide screw?
Are the control arm ball joints in good condition?
Was the wheel alignment checked?

Nov 11, 2010.