1994 Honda Civic

Engine Mechanical problem
1994 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 158000 miles

I went to start my car yesterday evening and it wouldn't start. It was like trying to start the car without pressing in the clutch - instrument lights were on, radio was on, lights on a/c were on but no cranking noise, nothing. Just the fuel pump kicking on. The only way I got it to run was to get it rolling and popping the clutch. Is it possible there is not enough " juice" in the battery to start the car? Or do I have a bad starter/solenoid and how can I tell which one is bad (starter or solenoid).

Thank you for your time!
July 22, 2008.

Hi Greg,

To isolated it from starter or battery, the best way is to jump start it. If jump starting cranks well, you can rule out starter and from there you need to check for bad connections or battery.

Jul 23, 2008.
Thanks for your reply. I tried a new battery and still no cranking noise - nothing. Pulled the starter off and had it tested at local auto parts store and it PASSED. When I pop the clutch to get the car running, and I turn the key like I was going to start it, there is also no noise. I know my Chevy let's out a real loud noise, not sure with Honda's. Any ideas on what else it could be?


Jul 24, 2008.
Figured it out - clutch switch. Thanks for the responses/suggestions.

Jul 28, 2008.