1994 Honda Civic

Engine Cooling problem
1994 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

i have a 94 civic and its overheating I changed the thermostat radiator and all the hoses but its still overheating the antifreeze is shooting out of the resovier but nowere else. The needle goes up then goes down then stays good then after driving a little bit the needle shoots all the way up. Can u help me out because I dont know but I hope its not the head gasket.
February 2, 2010.

Hi amanda728,

The symptoms don't look good, it indicates a highly possible head gasket problem.

Did you bleed the system after replacing the components listed?
Was the radiator cap replaced and of the correct range?
Is the cooling fan working?

Feb 2, 2010.
No they did not bleed teh system. And the whole radiator was replaced with a brand new one and it came with a new radiator cap.

Feb 3, 2010.
With cold engine, remove the radiator cap and top up with coolant if the level is low. Turn heater to maximum and start engine without the cap.

When level drops, top up coolant and continue to run till the coolant level stabilises. Close radiator cap and retest. When engine is cold, recheck the coolant level again. Top up if necessary, it should not be short by too much.

Feb 3, 2010.