1993 Honda Civic

1993 Honda Civic Si D16Z6 5 Spd Manual

my car was making a knocking sound that faded out at high RPMs (> than 4000RPM ). A friend of mine suggested I get my valves adjusted. Shortly after that I was driving 70mph, 5th Gear cresting a hill. After going over the hill I put the car in neutral. The RPMs fell from the usual 2500rpm to 0 and the car died. Upon restarting the car, there was metallic grind, screech and the car died out again in less than 4 seconds. I am thinking that I lost a rod bearing and in such a case I was wondering what all I should replace.
June 16, 2007.

Don't know the mileage or the abilities of you should you consider to do this yourself. I say this and I mean if you are not to good at this repair work I would get a different engine, possibly even a different car. If you are comfortable doing the work yourself, get a rebuild kit and overhaul the engine. You will need to see if any significant damage was done to the block. Pull off the head and see if the cylinder walls are damaged. IF not, do a complete overhaul, replace the bad rod or piston.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

Bruce Hunt
Jun 17, 2007.