2000 Honda Accord

Honda Acccord 2000 v6
Changed oil 7/26/07

mileage: 108k

Your tune-up directions are too difficult. I can change tran gasket, oil filter, spark plugs, and air filter.

Dealership told me that I need to:
flush out brake fluid and power steering fluid, how?

My car runs okay, what is necessary right now for a 108k Honda Accord (tune-up)? I can do some things if it's not too heavy.

Mechanic told me to change my AC filter so my exhaust won't smell so bad. Truthful?
July 26, 2007.

Right now just change the plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter. Also (depents on the condition) the distr cap and rotor. Succes with your tune-up, not so difficult

Jul 26, 2007.
Check the belts for wear and cracking. Did they do the timing belt replacement yet? I wouldn't worry about flushing the brakes and power steering. The A/C filter. It is not about the exhaust but what it allows inside the cabin with you. I am going to email you a section on the replacement of the filter for future reference when and if you decide to do it. It also covers a lot of other areas as well. Good reference materials.

Bruce Hunt
Jul 27, 2007.
I just joined the forum, and your post was one of the first that I read. I also have just purchased the 2000 Honda Accord V6 and would like a copy of the reference materials that you offered to email to the previous poster. It would be greatly appericiated. I have so many questions about this car that I need the reference material to look at things before I can even post a question on the forum. : Oops: So any help would be greatly apperciated. Also, I'm not sure if you can get my email from the forum info. If not please respond to the post and I will post it as soon as I can. I would like to keep it private however.

Thanks for your time.

Aug 3, 2007.