2004 Honda Accord

Electrical problem
2004 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 48000 miles

vehicle turned off while driving, I was advised that the alternator was bad (checked the voltage). I left the car parked for about 1 month (have not replaced the alternator) now when I start the car and leave it in park gear it rev's up to 3000 rpms and comes back down. This is done repeadly. When the car is placed in drive gear the reving stops, also it appears that the turning off has stoped happening.

any suggestions?
October 20, 2008.

Hi sapris98,

The surging is due to the IAC valve stivcking and not working properly. This happens quite often when the engine is left unstarted over a period of time.

If after some driving and the problem does not revert to normal, you need to service the IAC.

As to the engine stalling while driving, does it restart when it stalled?

Was the battery good at that time? Were you able to crank the engine?

Oct 26, 2008.
It actually does start, or did start. The battery is brand new I even took it in to get it checked out and they told me that it was ok.

Also now the check engine light is on.

Nov 29, 2008.
Hi sapris98,

You need a scan to find out what is causing the CEL to show. However I believe it is caused by the IAC which is causing the surging.

Get a scan done at your local Autozone outlet and come back with the results. I need the exact error code to be sure what is wrong.

If you can get a can of carb cleaner, remove the air intake hose and spray some of the cleaner into the lowe air passage inside the throttle body and let it soak for a while before attempting to start.

Nov 29, 2008.