1999 Honda Accord

Electrical problem
1999 Honda Accord 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 82000 miles

I have a 99 Honda Accord with 82000 miles the problem is the alarm just keep going on and off at first we taught that maybe a cat or dog hit it then after about 5 minutes the alarm went on again and contunuie to do so every 5 minutes. All the windows, doors, hood and trunk are all closed so when I went to the dealer they told me that the Hoodswitch needed to be replace and would cost me $406 plus tax and my warranty would not cover it so I told them to just leave it I dont have to money to pay for it so what I did was remove the fuse for the Horn since the horn and the Alarm had the same fuse and now I dont have a horn. My question is what is a hoodswitch? Can I just get is at some local auto shop and have my mechanic put it I dont want to pay dealer price? If so where can I find this hoodswitch?
September 6, 2008.

You can buy new system and have it installed for less

if its the hood switch have u r local mechanic check it and replace it or disconnected

Sep 6, 2008.
Hi Kee,

I guess the switch would not cause more than 10 bucks.

Btw removing the fuse is not a good way of stopping the problem. The alarm would still be triggered without the horns sounding. Disconnecting the hood switch wire would be a better option.

I would check for proper adjustment rather than a faulty switch. A faulty switch should not trigger but a badly adjusted switch would.

Sep 8, 2008.
Ok is there a way I can obtain a diagram as to where the switch would be located at? So I can fix the problem as soon as possible like you said taking the fuse out is not the solution. Wow thanks for mentioning that is would only cost me $10, I cant understand why the dealer would so much over price me for such a thing.

Sep 8, 2008.
Hi Kee,

Sorry I have not been able to locate any diagrams to show you.

Open the front hood and look for a plunger type switch along the edges of the engine compartment.

Sep 9, 2008.