1996 Honda Accord

Smells problem
1996 Honda Accord 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 144, 00 miles


My engine doesn't leak oil, but it does burn it. I can smell it when I get out of the car after driving and I can see the oil line on the dip stick get lower and lower.

Can you tell me what this may be please?

Rings? Valves, Head gasket? I wonder?
December 20, 2009.

Check tube seals, in other words remove your plugs, if the threads are oily replace seals. Hondas also have a bad habit of internal dizzy leaks, but you should be able to see that

Dec 21, 2009.
Thanks for the tip on the spark plugs. I can handle that. But Im not sure what a " dizzy leak" is. Can you explain that to me?

I will shop around for a Honda Book.

I sure hope this is not a major repair because I realized I payed more than NADA values it and I don't want to drop a lot of money into it on top of that.

Thanks, Polly

Um im in new zealand so im not sure what the set up on your hondas are. But usually on the left hand side of the head there is a black capped distributor. Feel underneath it and if its wet you have a leak. But this leak can either be internmal or external.

Dec 21, 2009.
I checked my engine yesterday. Its a V-6 and on one side of the case there was dried up black gunk (oil). It was kind of hard to see the other side, but I think it didn't have oil on it.

I think I'll buy some engine cleaner and wash it. Then I can better determine where the oil is burning.

Polly in Colorado, USA