1994 Honda Accord

Electrical problem
1994 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 180000 miles

I am having a cranking problem. It will not turn over period. When you try to crank up, you can hear the fuel pump as normal, you here the audible relay under the hood, but no crank. Have had the starter tested, it is good. Battery tested it is good. All wires have been traced from battery to starter to the under the hood fuses box. Everything is good. Replaced ignition switch. New TPS for a different problem, it would crank, idle to 1500 rpm and choke out in like 3 seconds. New fuel pump relay and wire replaced from relay to computer. I am stuck, can anyone assist?

Oh and as another side note, when the no starting at all began, the air conditioner is dead and the sunroof is as well, but have checked all fuses. Is this a main relay or ignition control module type issue or what, I am so stumped.

94 accord lx
manual, 2.2
December 12, 2008.

Hi mattintexas,

Let us atart with the basics.

When no crank situation and ACC not working, Check if there is power supply to ignition switch amd output voltage to various wires.


Dec 19, 2008.
When I get in after work today, I will check that with the voltmeter. Will post results tonight. Thanks for the idea.

Dec 19, 2008.