1993 Honda Accord

Electrical problem
1993 Honda Accord Two Wheel Drive Manual 125000 miles

I recently had a problem with my car not starting and was told that it was because of my starter. I replaced the starter and had to old starter tested, which was definately bad. Now the car still won't start. I have full power and when I turn the key it clicks, but doesn't start. Could the issue be the starter relay? And where is it located?
June 9, 2008.

Clicking? Or nothing at all? If you hear a click, then either the battery is weak, or the starter, possibly bad battery cable connections, check and clean both ends of BOTH cables! Dissconnect negative(-) first, and put it on last! If no click the starter relay is no good!

Jun 9, 2008.
Hi tpvero,

Did you replace with a new or used starter?
If used, did you test it brfore installing?

Jun 10, 2008.