1989 Honda Accord

Electrical problem
1989 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

1989 Honda Accord LX - Would not start about week after I replaced with rebuilt Hitachi distributor. Took to dealer and told bad distributor, coil had shorted out and wiring harness(from distributor to coil) bad. I replaced the all three with new distributor & coil and used wiring harness. Car start up without problem and I let warm up to operating temp and shut down. Tried to start again the next day and back to no start. Verified car had spark. Dealer tech said could be bad component or bad ignition switch
April 22, 2009.

Hi rbowen,

Thank you for the donation.

When sparks are available, the next to check would be fuel system and mechanical faults.

Just to be sure I get the correct data, I need to confirm a few things.
1. Is engine carburetted or injection moedl?
2. When slowly turning ignition key to ON position, are the dash lights showing and stays steady? Does not flicker when key is turning.
3. Are the dashlights showing when cranking the starter?

Apr 22, 2009.
Sorry, I made a mistake and there was no spark. I tried to be very carefull about my question, but screwed up that critical detail.
My engine is carburetted, lights are strong and steady.

Apr 22, 2009.
When sparks are not available,

1. Check distributor Black/Yellow wire for battery voltage at ignition switch ON and while cranking.

2. Check if distributor is turning when cranking.

3. Test ignition coil primary and secondary resistance.

Apr 23, 2009.