2003 Holden Ute

Noises problem
2003 Holden Ute V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 187000 miles

hi guys, I have a load ticking noise in my engine! The sound is not there at start up but only after about a 5 minute drive the sound apears then when shut down and restarted the sound is gone, I thought it was the oil pump so I changed it but still the same problem, when the engine was open there was alot of sludge and burnt oil stuck all over the inside, the car isnt using oil, the sound is only on the right side of the engine so I opened the rocker cover to check the valves and springs once again alot of sludge and burnt oil stuck to everything I closed it back up and went for another drive this time no noise at all I left it to idle for 20minutes only then the noise came back but not as loud, when the noise is there it ticks to the rpms, hope you can help?
October 14, 2010.

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I would be thinking that you will have a sticky hydraulic valve lifter, as you mentioned all the muck in the engine, this can lead to lifter problems, what you can try is getting a quality engine flush and run it through the engine, see container for details, change the filter and look for a NULON product called lifter free, I think that is what it is called, this will also help with the lifter noise as well, start here.

Mark (mhpautos)

Oct 15, 2010.
Hi iv dropped the oil new filter, engine flush out, lifter free and new oil, but still ticking plus now the oil warning comes on but it has enough oil and no leaks

Oct 18, 2010.
Do an oil pressure test, let me know the readings, cold idle, hot idle and hot 1500 rpm.

Mark (mhpautos)

Oct 21, 2010.