2002 GMC Yukon

Interior problem
2002 GMC Yukon V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 56000 miles

When I turn to the left, I heard a grinding noise which eventually goes away. I also hear the noise occasionally when I go over a bump in the road.
I had the front driver's side tire removed and the pads and calibers appear okay.

The brakes may be ok but did you check the bearings? Have the front jacked up and with the tire on see if there is any play when you try to move the tire back and forth and up and down. Grab a hold of the tire on top and bottom and wiggle it up and down. If there is play then have the bearing checked. Also check the universals on the front shafts. Note check both sides I have seen bearings making noise coming from one side only to be bad on the pther side, so check both sides

May 11, 2009.