2001 GMC Yukon

Hi. I have a question that I need answered asap. The rear suspension on my 2001 GMC Yukon has gone bad and after about 10 years of owning it, I havent had them checked. I was wondering if the GMC Yukon had shocks or struts in the back. You can hear some kind of noise (not sure what kind of noise it is yet) when it moves and it barely moves. Can you please find me an answer to my problem? Thanks!
November 2, 2013.

You have shocks in the rear your going to have to listen while bouncing the rear to see where the noise is coming from.

Nov 2, 2013.
The rear are shocks. What is your question or problem?

My question was asking if there were shocks or struts in the back of the Yukon. I'm pretty sure there are shocks for the rear suspension, but I don't know for sure.

Nov 2, 2013.
You are correct. They are shocks.