1997 GMC Truck

Smells problem
1997 GMC Truck V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 502000 miles

This truck has a independent, I-beam front axle. I am replacing the kingpins and all steering linkage on it. I removed all the linkage, calipers & rotors to access the spindle. The drivers/left kingpin came off relatively easy, just had to use a little heat. On the left/passenger side I took the nut off the tapered anchor bolt that goes through & secures the kingpin to the axle. I then attempted to punch the anchor bolt back to remove it but it was seized up. The threads that stuck out the front were bending so I cut them off with a sawzall flush at the opening of the hole. I then continued to try removing the bolt with a punch the diameter of the bolt but it wouldn't move backwards out of the hole. I then put a porta-power on the read of the axle to keep it from flexing backwards while I punched from the front but it didn't move at all. I then put the porta-power on the front & attempted to press the pin backwards but no movement at all. I then heated the axle AROUND the bolt hole, front and rear, and tried again but no movement. I attempted to " blow a hole" through the bolt with a torch and was able to take approximately 1/4" inward off the rear of the bolt and approx. 1/2" off the front of the bolt but my torch wouldn't take it in any deeper. I then mounted the porta-power on the rear & kept pressure pushing forward on the axle while I used a sledge hammer & a good punch but no movement at all. I've done 20-30 kingpin jobs in my career but this is the first time I've ever seen the anchor bolt seize and not come out. I" ve been working on this for over a day and have to get it out Thursday; would appreciate any help or suggestions you can give me as soon as possible, thanks.
December 17, 2008.

Damn. It's thursday, so I might be too late with my suggestion.

Drill through the center of the bolt.
Slowly working your way up in bit sizes.
In the hopes that once enough of the center of the bolt is gone. That the sides will compress enough to let go of their hold.

Sounds like you're loosing your butt on this one.

Good luck

Dec 18, 2008.
LOL, you're right on the losing part! I finally had to leave the anchor bolt alone and concentrate on the kingpin. Got enough heat on it and drove the kingpin straight thru the anchor bolt after about 2 hours of beating down and bottle jacking up; man, what a job! I had tried drilling thru the anchor bolt first and the bits kept shearing off. Got the kingpin out Thursday, now gotta get the rest of the anchor bolt out.

Dec 19, 2008.
I wanna know how you finally get it out.
When and if.

Dec 21, 2008.
If you run into this prob s&w innovations makes a tool that removes draw wedge. 405-219-9411. You use tool before you hammer or cut on wedge. Works great everytime

Apr 25, 2013.