2004 GMC Sierra

Brakes problem
2004 GMC Sierra V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 76000 miles

The other day I cut my truck off, keys out and I heard something running. I found out that its the motor for the anti-lock braking system underneath the driver's door. It will not stop running - looking for some advice. If I leave it like it is it will run down the battery. Someone told me that all of the brake lights are tied into this device - is this true? What would make it continue to run and how do I troubleshoot?
February 17, 2009.

Most likely a relay is stuck. Remove ABS fuse and re-insert, see if that stops the problem, at least temporarily.

If so, then replace relay.

If ABS light is on, then have system scanned by trusted garage with chassis scanner (" C" code).
While most autoparts stores will scan the PCM (" P" codes). They cannot scan chassis codes.

Feb 18, 2009.
You might want to check your pcv valve on the brake cylinder it could be bad thats why the light is turning on.

Aug 7, 2009.