1997 GMC Sierra

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 GMC Sierra V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 11000 miles

I have a 97 sierra with 110k miles, I keep getting a engine check light on and always says cylinder #2 misfire, I hAVE RECENTLY replace spark plugs, wires, dist. Cap/rotor and ignition coil, but the problem persists, I only feel any sluggishness once in a while but can't figure out the problem, maybe a fuel injector? I Dont know but running out of ideas and money. If you have any ideas or thoughts I would greatly appreciate it.
November 3, 2009.


Check for Vacuum Leaks

Check Fuel Pressure and Fuel Pressure Regulator

Check engine compression

Check the Air Intake Tube for band tightness, cracks, etc.

Check Injector will need a noid light to test.

Other possibilities are.

Weak Crank and/or Cam Sensor

Faulty Engine Mount

IAC (Idle Air Control) Motor


Nov 3, 2009.