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I have a GMC 3/4 ton pick-up, with a 350 engine. It's sitting at about 270,000.

The truck runs great. The problem is that I can only travel 100 km per 60 litres of fuel. This seems terribly wrong. Or is this just what I have to deal with?
April 2, 2007.

Get a major tune-up might solve the gas guzzling

Apr 3, 2007.
A second gas tank had been added. We had switched to this second tank to see how it was working, because we hadn't hooked up the link to switch from one to the other yet, were waiting for the spring. Went to Sarnia this weekend and had left the truck running. When coming back to the truck, I noticed a puddle beneath the truck, but on the side of the unused tank, (which was half full). I noticed where it was dripping from and took my finger, thinking it had been melting snow, but lo and behold it was gas.
I looked up and noticed that it was also leaking from the gas cap. I opened it up and gas came gushing out.

Am switching back to the original tank as we speak until it can be investigated. I'm thinking gas must be getting to the fuel pump, but any over-flow must be going into the unused tank (it is still hooked up, just not tee'd to the other tank. So for all this time, slowly building up gas and pressure. Does this sound plausible?

Apr 10, 2007.
Its possible-its losing pressure

Apr 10, 2007.