GMC Jimmy

I have a 1994 GMC Jimmy with a 4.3L Vortex V-6 (CMFI). It has 120,000 miles. First thing I did when it would not start was replaced the Electric Fuel Pump and Strainer because I was not getting any fuel at the manifold fuel inlet line, also I did not hear the electric motor running inside the fuel tank like it used to. Went to start it right after I put fuel into the tank and it wouldn't start. I do have plenty of fuel now at the manifold inlet line, and I do hear the electric pump running. Went ahead and checked all the spark plug wires and ignition coil for sparks and I have plenty of fire. There is no check engine light codes given when I scanned it. Put a little fuel in the throttle body and it starts up real rough and only starts momentarily. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

February 11, 2007.

Sound like the fuel isn't getting into the throttle body. You did replace the fuel filter at the same time of the pump correct?

IF you didn't do so. You need to check the fuel pressure afterwards, The psi is critical to be in spec.

Did you pull a plug? Problem might also be injector pulse. Disconnect coil wire and crank it. Pull a plug and look for fuel

Feb 12, 2007.