2006 GMC Envoy

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2006 GMC Envoy 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 60,000 miles

My gas gauge is staying on empty all the time and the check engine light comes on. I have bought a fuel sensor for the envoy and I know it is in the tank. Just want to know how to drop the tank or make sure the sensor is bad. The Dealership checked it and said it was bad. Thanks.
January 4, 2008.

I have an 2005 Envoy SLT and my gas gauge is stuck on empty and the check engine light is on as well. Did just replacing the Fuel sensor correct everything? How much did it cost?

Thanks for your help.

Feb 28, 2008.
Dropping the tank is pretty straight forward.2 straps on the tank.2 15mm bolts hold the straps. Brace bar under vehicle has to come off. 4 15mm bolts. Disconnect the fill hose disconnect 2 gas lines at front of tank. Unplugg vent solenoid and 2 evap vent hoses. The tank should come out. Then on top of tank disconnect fuel tank pressure sensor and sending unit connector, and the tank should be out. There is a metal retainer ring holding the unit in. There is a special tool to use to take it off but you can use a hammer and screw driver. After removing the unit you just unplug the level sensor and unsnap the sensor out of the holder. You can test it by using an ohm meter. Hook each lead to each side of the level sensor then move the arm from on side to the other. It should measure from 40ohms to 240 ohms. If the reading is erratic or goes to OL the level sensor is bad. Also what code was it, is it a p0463? I've changed 100's of these very common problem.

Brian 1
Feb 28, 2008.
I don't know the error code. The shop is charging me $200 for the sensor and 3 hrs time. Thsi sounds high considering what you explained.

Feb 29, 2008.