2005 GMC Envoy

Heater problem
2005 GMC Envoy 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 75,000 miles

My heater blower motor stopped working, I replaced the Climate Control Assy and the motor worked. I reinstalled all components and did something wrong because I lost all power and could not remove my key. I jumped my GMC removed my key and charged the battery. The next morning I started my GMC and the blower motor would not work. I pulled the blower motor and jumped it to my batter and it worked fine. I installed the blower motor and it will not operate via the control assy. I checked and double checked all blower motor/HVAC fuses and swapped the relay under the good with another function relay but still no blower motor operation. Suppestions please.
February 3, 2010.

Is this an automatic, or manual climate system? It makes a significant difference in the schematic, and components involved.

Feb 3, 2010.
It's a manual system, meaning the driver selects temp with sliding dual temp controls.

Thank You

Feb 4, 2010.
According to my schematic, check first the blower fuse 40amp in underhood fuse block. With a test light to ground, check for power at blower resistor terminals G, B in lo, A in med 1, D in med 2, C in med 3, and F in hi. Check for ground on pin E. If you could use this ground to ground your test light when checking the above, it will validate it. If you have power and ground (the resistor can be disconnected) on these, and no power or ground to your blower, than replace the resistor. The resistor is shown attached to the blower motor.

Feb 4, 2010.