2002 GMC Envoy

Engine Performance problem
2002 GMC Envoy 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 150, 00 miles

Hi im new to the site and was woundering if anybody can tell me what I should do, My wife was driving the car and the car started to spudder and the low oil pressure light came on and it also said to turn engine off. I was told to replace the oil pressure switch, Its right beside the oil filter so I did, I took it for a test ride and seemed fine. My wife was driving today and it did the same thing spudderd and low oil light came on. Please does anybody have any clue on what I should do or have had the same problem?
Double trouble
June 24, 2009.

Have you checked your oil level on the dipstick?

Jun 24, 2009.
Yes I did and it was full, I even took it in for an oil change when it dident need one for a few month.

Double trouble
Jun 25, 2009.
I would suspect a faulty oil pump. If pump starts to fail then there will not be enough oil to lubricate internal parts properly.

Jun 26, 2009.
I have the same problem. I have had the car at several shops and finally the dealer. I had the oil changed, which helped for a day. I next had the sensor changed, worked for 3 or so days. I had a master mechanic look at it. He ran he engine for an hour and a half on his manual gauge. Although the cars oil pressure ran low, he said it never went below spec. He told me the engine was going! No knocks, no noise, no nothing. I finally nrought it to the dealer who ean complete diagnostic check. They not only found nothing, they couldnt get the problem to even occur while there. They ended up resetting the computer and since last sept. When I picked it up I have not had a problem. Until today. Everything else about the envoy is great! I have read that higher viscosity oil may help or even solve the problem in the summer months. This is the first summer I have the car so maybe its the heat. Any suggestions on this idea? The 2004 envoy has about 128k. Thanks

Jun 1, 2010.