2003 GMC C2500

Engine Performance problem
2003 GMC C2500 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 91000 miles

While driving engine suddenly loses power, Alam sounds and the indicator reads " Low Engine Power" When I push down on the excelerator, it will not go beyond 2000 rpm's. I pull off, turn motor off wait 10 minutes then restart and it back to normal.

February 1, 2010.

Have you had the computer scanned for trouble codes? It sounds like a couple things. It may need a simple tune up, could have a partially plugged catylatic converter, or a fuel pressure issue. If you haven't had the computer scanned, take it to a nationally recognized parts store and have them scan it. Most will do it for free, then you'll know where the problem is coming from. After that, let me know what codes they found and I can advise you as what to do next.

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