GMC C1500

My vehicle is a 1996 Chevy Truck 1500 extended cab, 140,000 miles as of now. 5.3L. My left single lights stopped working first, then a small car hit me on the right side of my truck (minior damage, nothing to cry over) and my right flasher didnt work. Continue to drive now my brake lights and my flashers dont work any more. I have checked all the fuses, the fuse relay and the singnal flasher. My cab brake light works so I didnt bother with the brake switch behind the brake pedal. I have also checked all the bulbs, the connetion to the bulbs. My rear lights work in reverse and when I turn on my park and head lights on. What is going on?
January 26, 2007.

Sounds like a turn signal switch problem.

Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention that my front signal lights come on just not the rear. My indication that something was wrong was the rapid flasher near my speed indicator. Only the rear lights are not working.

Jan 27, 2007.
Try to work the hazard button stem several times or more, sometimes that flushes out and helps support the bad switch theory. It still sounds like a t/s switch prob. Is there power getting to the rear brake lights?

Well I have tried everything that I can come up with. Check the wires for cuts or disconnects, played with the switches. I not sure how to dertemine if power is getting to the brake lights. Can you explain? What I did notice is that I have a u-haul cable connection for my trailer and it indicates with the lights on the plug that everything is working fine. I see the flashers flashing and the brake lights working. I unplugged the trailer connector and attached the primary cable running from the cab to the cable that runs to the rear lights, still no success. My parking lights work in the rear, my reverse lights work, everything but what I mentioned before. I reconnected the u-haul plug assembly and played around with the wires to see if it was the u-haul cable assembly but still no changes to the rear lights. So its not the u-haul plug assembly. Is it possible that it may be a computer thing or what?

Jan 30, 2007.
Check your email for diagrams. This is not a computer thing. You need to have a test light to find where the power stops when the brake pedal is pressed.