1993 Ford Tempo

Brakes problem
1993 Ford Tempo 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 125000 miles

The car blew the R/R wheel cylinder so I replaced it and replaced the shoes, both sides. Bled all four wheels, during that process you could feel the master cylinder leak down. A new master cylinder was put on, all wheels bled again. Test drove the car, brakes felt good, all wheels locked up. So far so good. The car sat for 2 days, went to drive it and no brakes, wouldn't pump up. Nothing there.
She Handyman
December 30, 2007.

How experienced at brake hydraulics are you? Remove the lines at the master, install brass plugs, pump til the pedal is ROCK hard, remove the plugs, re-install the lines, gravity bleed all 4 wheels. DO NOT allow master to run dry during this step! Close bleeders as they bleed only fluid. BTW you did replace BOTH wheel cylinders? Yes? You do know this is a diagonal brake system?

Dec 30, 2007.
To answer your PM Bleeding sequence is RR, LF, LR, RF, and change both wheel cylinders, it, is in the same condition as the one that leaked!

Dec 30, 2007.