Ford Taurus

Yesterday my girlfriend's 1995 Ford Taurus 3.0 V6 threw the idler pulley. Upon inspection this morning in the daylight I noticed that the pulley appears to have unscrewed itself from the housing. I haven't had a chance today to get out there and do anything with it but on my lunch hour I intend to do a little work and replace the part if that is necessary.
Since I am pretty much mechanically illiterate my main question is how do I go about getting the correct tension on the belt after I am able to reinstall the pulley? Any help you can give me is very much appreciated. Feel free to explain in as great detail as you have patience and/or time to spare.
October 17, 2007.

Do youself a big favor, if you got away with no damage this time, you might not be so luky next time, replace the pulley and the tensioner with pulley as well, it will cost about 75.00 but may save 100.00" s!

Oct 17, 2007.
The tensioner will provide proper tension if the belt isnt worn out when you replace it. And I would replace it after having it unscrew itself and fall off with the belt going, chances are it will happen again heed merlins warning

Oct 17, 2007.
I've got a 3.0 motor too. Chirp...chirp...chirp !@#$!@$#$@ Ford

The tensioner and idler pullies are chronic hassles.

Maybe toss a little of the money Merlin saved you to the forum to help compensate his time. :wink: