Ford Taurus

Six months ago my 2001 Ford Taurus, 3.0L DOHC, 130K mile, fuel tank was cleaned to remove charcoal pellets inside tank, replaced fuel pump and filter, and flushed fuel lines. This solved a fuel starvation problem. I didn't know until now that the carbon pellets came from the EVAP canister. I noticed after topping off the tank that fuel was leaking from the air purge vent valve side of the vapor canister. I took it out of the car and found gas inside the canister. Do you know why gas would find it's way back into this system and what my next step should be? Could this be my original cause for carbon pellets inside my gas tank? I'm not getting a warning light condition.
January 28, 2007.

Any work done that may have a couple lines on wrong? Any codes or check engine light?

I found hose lenghts at the canister to limit reversal but not sure at other end. There are no engine lights. Would it be possible to have a check valve at the tank that would be defective?

Jan 29, 2007.
I don't see how that could be. Even it could, you would have a long crank problem. Not to mention it would plug the pump and not make into the tank anyways.

When you fill up, do you stop filling after it clicks or continue filling?

I am inclined to think the fuel vapor control valve is failing. It is supposed to prevent fuel from entering the vapor lines.

Paul, You were right about the fuel vapor control valve. It was indeed what was bad. I replaced the fuel vapor canister also. Thanks for your excellent advice.

Feb 6, 2007.
Sometimes I'm the bug, sometimes I'm the windsheild.

Glad we had success!!!!