2000 Ford Taurus

I have a 2000 taurus with 147k miles on it. The car is the v6 flex fuel version.

My car was suffering from an intolerably loud squeal when braking at low speeds. I took my car in and they said that needed new brake pads. I was also having a metal on metal noise when turning left coming from the front left tire. The mechanic said that the needed to replace the ball joint and that they had to tighten something else.

I had the brake pads replaced along with a work on the ball joint. The problem is now the brakes still squeak (not even close to as bad though), but now when I am driving straight at lower speeds I hear a squeak/squeal coming from the same front left tire. I will be bringing the car back in on Monday, but I would like to know slightly more of what the problem could be.

Is the problem still with the ball joint or is there another issue?
August 25, 2007.

I don't see how it could possibly be the ball joint. I would question the job on the brakes, may have not been cleaned and lubed well enough, quality of the pad, bent dust sheild. Something touching the rim?

Yeah, didn't think of the bearing. Actually I never tried to tighten one up if there was play on the sealed units. I can se where it would be instant disaster though.

I would let them diagnose it without giving them ideas. If they don't come up with the right solution, I would think the noise will still be there.

Try to drop the car off and have them call you. Update this post and we can better advise. Steve and I are in and out during the day as well as a few others that may be able to input. If you can do this, let us know so we can pay special attention.