1998 Ford Taurus

Electrical problem
1998 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Ford Taurus SE 1998 3.0 engine v6

Battery light stays on in dash
How do I check the wiring that plugs into the alternator? The plug has 3 wires.

Need to know how to check each individual wire at plug to make sure there they are working properly. And that I don't have a short some where

I do not know what they do so not sure if when checking if engine needs to be running or off or what is ground and what is power. I do know the main red wire going to alternator has power.

Need step by step instructions on how to test these 3 wires on the plug.

#1(orange & gray stripe? This wire is a little heavier gage than the other 2)

#2(White with black stripe this wire loops back into the alternator with a plug)

#3(green with black stripe?)

Took alternator to two different auto parts store and Alternator bench test good, but when on car it shows bad per auto parts store. Battery test good

. This is what I did to do my own test. Fuse test good with ohm meter.
Test battery with volt meter engine off about 12 volt. Test battery with engine running the same voltage. Put one test lead on neg post on battery and other touching red main wire on alternator same voltage about 12 volts. The reason aims saying about 12 volts because using cheap volt ohm meter with small lines.
October 6, 2009.

Hi there ddenes and TY for donation this is what keeps the site going.

Test the mega fuse 175amp , alternator fuse no.26 30amp and fuse no.11 5amp, to include reviewing the diagram below and report back asap with your findings so that I can continue to assist.


Oct 6, 2009.
Thanks for your help ! The 30 amp fuse is one of the 3 fuses that you ask me to check was the problem.

Thanks again for the detailed written information along with the wiring diagram, because iam not good with reading them.

Oct 8, 2009.