Ford Ranger

I have a 99 ranger, it pings most of the time especially when warmed up. V-6 3.0 I run premium it helps a bit. Whats the problem??
December 25, 2006.

Since that vehicle doesnt have an octane shorting bar, I would guess mixture control problem or EGR problem. Either way its probably running lean when warmed up.A new fuel filter and tune up is a basic place to start, but it might require in-depth diagnosis. Could be the fuel pump, coolant sensor, Mass Airflow Maeter, etc

Dec 26, 2006.
For what it matters. Ford has a revised MAF sensor or EGR valve for the pinging problem-I don't recall which. They also have an updated computer for the pinging. However, A Ford source tells me that it doesn't always work?

I had an issue with my 94 Taurus pinging, all systems checked out, comp was healthy 160 across all cylinders, what I ended up doing was dumping a couple of cans of GM Top Cleaner into the upper end through the vacuum lines and let it sit for an hour, fired it up smoked like an sob for a while, poof ping is gone. I'm thinking possible dirty intake valves. Ford Dealer also told me that ping is an issue, not always solvable, but this solution worked for me. I think Ford makes some type of intake cleaner also.

Dec 31, 2006.