Ford Ranger

I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 Liter V6 Flex Fuel Engine. I have been trying to get this inspected and the system keeps coming up with an error in the Flex Fuel sensor. We checked the wiring harness and the gas tank for water. The next thing is the sensor but is cost $600. I dont want to spend another $750 dollars and this not be the problem. Have you run across this problem before and what was the solution?
January 26, 2007.

What code exactly is it?
What State are you in?

I will have to get the #

I am in PA

Jan 26, 2007.
The code may help to get a better idea. I'm in NY and there is a certain amount of money spent on emissions repairs to exempt you to get a sticker.

Persuit as in traditions?

Thanks for info. I end up getting a waiver. It cost $75 but at least I didnt have to shell out the $750 for the sensor. I am locating the flex fuel sensor part number. I need to track one down before my next inspection. Also do know if seat from a 2003 ranger will fit in my 2000 model?

Thanks again.

Feb 7, 2007.
Beware that a code for a sensor does not mean it is bad. Junkyards can be a resource as well.

I would think seats are the same, a junkyard or dealer should be able to provide that.