2000 Ford Ranger

Electrical problem
2000 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 70,000 miles

Check engine light on dash is indicating to check under the hood, auto zone tells me the code is a camshaft position sensor, where is it located and how do I remove, replace with new one?

Thank you
Alllan nelson
October 17, 2008.

3.0L engine

4.0L engine

Oct 17, 2008.
I just had the same problem. The CPS is at the rear of the engine, it has a black cap with 2 x 5mm bolts holding it on. You need to have your engine at TDC on the Number 1 cylinder before you take the CPS out. You can get a replacement at most auto parts stores. The one I purchased came with the alingment tool to keep the rotor in the correct position while installing. Once installed it is probably a good idea to change the oil and install new plugs. I just finished mine earlier toady and it runs better than it has in a long, long time.

Oct 18, 2008.
I located the sensor replaced it, the check engine light went off, a day later, reappeared so did the noise/scream from the same location. Help!

Alllan nelson
Oct 28, 2008.
The noise is the mechanism itself. It sounds like you replaced the sensor on top. You will need to purchase the entire shaft and sensor and replace it. It sits just like a distributor shaft in or just behind the intake manifold.

Once you replace the shaft (not just the sensor) the noise will cease and the car will run like a top.

Nov 17, 2008.