1998 Ford Ranger

Electrical problem
1998 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 142000 miles

i was wondering if you could either email me a diagram or tell me which relay it would be that runs my fuel ump on my 98 ford ranger 3.0L (manual) because I was driving home the other day and my truck died on me. So I thought it was the fuel pump. I put a new one in and now my truck is not getting fuel to the engin at all. I checked the safe switch and that wasnt the problem. Me and my father have narrowed it down to either the relay or an inline fuse (if there is one). So if you could send me a labeled diagram or something that would be very helful.
May 26, 2009.

Hello, my info shows the relay is located in the power distribution center under the hood.

May 26, 2009.